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When Rose Kalemba was 14 years old, she was raped by a group of men inside a car wherein they video the said crime. After a few months, the video went viral on an adult website-- leading her classmates at school to despise and accused her of seducing men. What did Rose do after this?


・Rose Kalemba on Twitter: "Just to be perfectly clear for ... ・ Pornhub has a serious problem. Women are continuously ... ・ Rose Kalemba on Twitter: "“Don't defund the police, because ... ・ I was raped at 14 and the video ended up on a porn site ... ・


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After the rape, Rose didn't think her situation could get any worse—and then she learned that one of the men filmed everything and uploaded it to Pornhub.


I can’t believe so many trending searches are related to rape/sexual assault. Not kink shaming because what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home is whatever, (as long as it doesn’t regard minors) but this was following a news article about a 14year old child’s rape being uploaded onto a...


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When Rose Kalemba was raped, it took her months to persuade a porn website to remove the video.