If you have questions, you can ask in our Russian forum. ... In my free time I like going to the swimming pool. ... Sunday is a perfect day for going to the cinema.


You can go to the movies and get good seats. Надо будет чаще ходить в ... I want to do things like go to the movies or to a trendy shop. После войны люди ...


As I grew older I started joining to the cinema with my school friends. We still go ... Well, sometimes I also like to go to the theatre, but I do it not very often. Why?


By the way, I'm going to spend a month at the seaside this summer. .... Do you like hanging out with friends in your free time or are you a stay-at-home type? ..... But I need pocket money for the cinema and ice-cream and other treats like that.


I like to go to the cinema. When I have free time, I always go to see a new film. When I want to go to the cinema I usually look in the programme what films are on.


5. - ... he help you? - No, he ... . Do / dont. Does / do not. Does / does not. 6. ... Does you like. Are you like. 10. ... you often (go) to the cinema? Do ... go. Does ...


использование оборота would you like. ... like to go this evening? I'd like (I would like) is a polite way of saying "I want": ... but "Do you like going to the cinema?


... to keep fit? Would you like to go in for sports professionally, why? ..... do you like? Where do you prefer watching films — in the cinema or at home and why?


15 окт 2016 ... Do you like to watch cartoons in the cinema? I like to ... Educational cartoons about going to the movies will be shown how to buy a ticket for the ...


How's it going? Say «Давай сходим в кино этим вечером». Let's go to the movies tonight. Вам хотелось бы сходить в кино? Would you like to go to the ...


Why do people still like going to the cinema? •


BRIAN CARTER, a student, is not happy with entertainment in Britain. "British .... Do you like going to the cinema?


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Do you like it there? Or prefer to be at home? How much is the entrance ticket at your place?


2)How often do you going to the cinema?


Once ina blue moon really. I don't really like the cinema atmosphere.


We spend most weekends together traveling in the country, walking in the park, going to the local dance club. But there are so few places where you can have a good time together with a family.


Would you like to go in for sports professionally, why? ..... do you like? Where do you prefer watching films — in the cinema or at home and why?


It is indeed like "talk on the phone" (and "go to the office", "go to the beach", etc.).


Weekdays are so busy with work, and going at cinema to late makes it hard for me to not fall asleep. No: At weekends more people go to the cinema. This gives a bigger crowd and the risk of having annoying people who disturbs is bigger.