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Chiptuning files service: Stage1 Remap, DPF off, EGR off, DTC off, AdBlue/SCR off, lamda off, intake/swirl flaps off, ECU remap, tuning files.


Remapping is overwriting the ECU’s manufacturer supplied maps with an adjusted file to increase performance, fuel economy, throttle response and more. Contact us today!


We are a Specialist Ecu Remapping Company based in West Midlands. Our certified engineers will work all the way to improve fuel and power. Contact (0121) 502 4844 for Booking!


ECU Remapping, Scunthorpe, United Kingdom. 344 likes.


At Energy Tuning Ltd we have been providing remaps since 2008 and they have proven time and time again as reliable and effective. Even though we can offer substantial gains in power and torque, we...


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Wayside Performance can offer ECU remapping and car tuning at all stages. We use our in-house Dyno Dynamics rolling road to ensure vehicle safety.


ECU Remapping is taking the factory setting of the cars computer and tweaking parameters and tables to optimise for performance or economy, depending on the desired outputs. The reason ECU...


We offer several Custom Remapping options to customers as follows: Remapping Turbo Diesels: Power = Up to 30% increase in BHP, Torque and increase in mpg on motorway cruising. All Round...


ECU Remapping, DPF removal & Petrol / Diesel Engine Tuning. Mobile ECU Remap All of South West UK.