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Каталог onion ссылок с проверкой их состояния, возможностью оставить отзыв и проголосовать за полезный или наоборот совершенно никчемный ресурс.

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Стоит отметить, для тех кто не вкуривает, ссылки в onion можно открыть только с использованием браузера Tor, или сторонних расширений. Ресурсы указаны лишь в ознакомительных целях.

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There are several ways that you can buy Onion products. The Onion On-Line Store is open for small orders.

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You get a bag of onions, or some fresh whole garlic, and a week or two later, you notice that one or two (or all) of them have put out roots and shoots.

Onions and the Futures Markets. The History of the Market for Onions. Onion prices are quite volatile because of the limited storability of onions. Typically onions are planted in late April and harvested in September.

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If you find a product which is not legal in your country you have to make up your mind for yourself if you should order the product and use it with caution