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View the month calendar of December 2020 Calendar including week numbers. And see for each day the sunrise and sunset in December 2020


December 2020 is the twelfth and final month of the current leap year.


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+ «The Sunday Sport» — британская таблоидная газета, опубликованная Sport Newspapers, которая была основана в 1986 году. В ней печатаются явно смехотворные истории, такие как «Двухэтажный лондонский автобус, был заморожен в антарктическом льду»...


On December 10, a big 8-day Jewish holiday that is also known as Hanukkah.


December 2020 Monday calendar. Check out our collection of Monday to Sunday calendars and Monday through Friday calendars. If you prefer to plan your week on a Monday through Sunday timeline, then have a look at these calendars below with a Monday start to the week.


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Palm Sunday. Parents' Day. Passover (Start).


Uganda: Police deny arresting opposition leader, Bobi Wine +++ Ghana election: opposition leader, John Mahama take court action +++ Rwanda repatriates African refugees from Libya +++ Anglophone Cameroon in 2020: More atrocities, injustices and inaction.


Blank December calendar and December holidays 2020 are also available.